Alice - A 3D Real-time Astrophysical Visualisation Tool

Sam Geen, 2009

What is Alice?

Alice is a 3D, real-time visualisation tool for astrophysical simulations, allowing astrophysicists to view their data quickly and intuitively. It supports GADGET and RAMSES formats, and outputs to jpeg images and mpeg movies. Alice also allows astrophysicists to view simulations with star particles through a simulated telescope using emission lines and an SED, or to simulate a "light echo" around a supernova, among other things.

The program was written as part of my masters project. It is currently a little rough around the edges, and a new version is planned at some point to improve the overall performance and usability of the program. If you have any suggestions for improvement or feature requests, contact the e-mail address below.

The code is available here (41MB), along with documentation and a sample simuation.

If you wish to contact me, e-mail Sam Geen at samgeen AT googlemail DOT com or samgeen AT astro DOT ox DOT ac DOT uk.

Images & Movies

Here are some sample images and movies taken from Alice:



(Right-click and select "Save as" if streaming is too slow)