Astronomy Links

It is always important to be well connected!

Here are a few astronomy links. They are not intended to be comprehensive but rather selective and useful (for me!).

Useful Links
Institutes and Observatories Services
Abstracts, Preprints, and Journals Databases

For a complete library of links to institutes, telescopes, databases, organisations, etc... around the globe, look at the Astroweb.

Institutes and Observatories

Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories (MSSSO).
The Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF), operating the ATCA.
The Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO), operating the AAT.
The Université de Montréal astrophysics group.
The European Southern Observatory (ESO).
The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).

Abstracts, Preprints and Journals

ADS Abstracts (ApJ,ApJS,ApJL,AJ,A&A,A&AS,MNRAS,...).
CDS Bibliographic Service (A&A, A&AS, PASP,...).
Abstract Searches (Cambridge).
ESO Preprints (listing only).
Los Alamos Preprints Server.

The Electronic Astrophysical Journal.
New Astronomy.


The NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS).

CDS Astronomical Database.

NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED; telnet).
Hypercat: The Extragalactic Database.
The Lyon/Meudon Extragalactic Database (LEDA).
The Digitized Sky Survey (DSS).
Sky View.
The VLA 1.4 GHz Sky Survey.


American Astronomical Society (AAS) Home Page.

The Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA).
CFHT International Astronomy Meetings List.
HST Pictures.
Latest Satellite image of Australia.

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