IDL Guide
I have written "A (Very) Quick Guide to IDL", which is intended for people who are new to IDL, but who have done some programming before. I simply explains some of the slightly more confusing aspects of the language, as well as how to do some basic tasks. Now and then (more then than now at the moment) I will update it with new things I have learnt. The next addition is likely to be plotting. The Guide can be found in PDF format here.

IDL Code
I have written a selection of IDL routines, most of which are designed as an add-on to HEALPix. The routines do not include HEALPix, which should be installed independently. The routines are not supported by HEALPix, merely by me. At the moment, it is only compatible with Linux, as the file I/O will not work with Windows.

Before installing, please read the readme file and the installation instructions. The code is available as one entire package (.tar file) here, or as individual programs here. The list of procedures, latest help file, change record and version number are also available. The deal is: feel free to use the code, but let me know if there are any problems ( and I will try my best to help. There will, at some point, be more information such as a description of each routine, but they are not available (or written!) yet.