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Observing plan for May01
Linux zcode (Executable only for RH-6.1) just drop it into the right place in the Zcode tree and adjust runz to point to it..
SGP Random Catalogue basic data post-eyeballing.
Fields/Night histogram for all partially useful nights to end November 1999
NGP Rejected Objects Full List
New version of zcode (Apr 99) Now includes patched source code
Updated Observer's Guide
Team Directory

Data: Field-by-Field images and spectra

October/November 1997 (14 fields)
January 1998 (16 fields)
May 1998 (5 fields)
June 1998 (4 fields)
September 1998 (6 fields)


These have all the APM image parameters, plus the object names that appear in the 2dF configuration files.
SGP catalogue | Field centres
NGP catalogue | Field centres
2dF online database at Mt. Stromlo.

Observing Notes

October/November 1997
January 1999
May 1998
June 1998
September/November 1998

Miscellaneous other stuff

Team Directory
PATT proposal for 1998A
An explanation of the object naming scheme.
Will's summary of the post 2dFdr tweaks to the spectra.
Notes on what needs to be done at the telescope by observers.

A look at the photometric calibration from the ~1500 galaxies observed in the Equatorial Region of the SGP APM survey (from Dalton & Gaztanaga in prep.). The solid line in the upper panel is a fiducial bj=B+0.29. This is basically in good agreement with the plot Steve showed at the last UK meeting from Jon Loveday.