How to get the UV-data file

How to produce the file DAY1.CH0.UV.FITS

In case you do now want to bother compiling the file, it can be downloaded
from here .

Visit the VLA archive (here) and type into the Object Name: Abell 2218

Than select the project with the code AR0405 which are 6 files and start your request (note the Telescope configuration, which is D).
They will inform you via email if they have placed your requested data to their ftp side.

or with your browser
Once all the

data files are in place we can get them into AIPS.
task 'fillm' (to load VLA archive data)
datain 'PWD:AR405_
doconcat 1
ncount 6
inp please always check your input

This will produce a lot of output in the massager server and will produce two files with the file name 19990511 and different class:
- a pseudo continuum file (L BAND; mostly described as ch 0)
- line file with 7 spectral frequencies (LINE)

The entire file includes 3 days so to select the first one:
task 'uvcop'
getn catalouge number
timer 0 0 0 0 1 0
flagv -1
ncount 0
inp please always check your input
now one can proceed on with the small guide to AIPS.