Faint Sky Variability Survey -
Catalogue of Galaxy Groups and Clusters

We describe a large sample of 598 galaxy clusters and rich groups discovered in the data of the Faint Sky Variability Survey. The clusters have been identified using a fully automated, semi-parametric technique based on a maximum likelihood approach applied to Voronoi tessellation, and enhanced by colour discrimination. The sample covers a wide range of richness, has a density of ~ 28 clusters deg-2, and spans a range of estimated redshifts of 0.05 < z < 0.9 with mean <z> = 0.345. Assuming the presence of a cluster red sequence, the uncertainty of the estimated cluster redshifts is assessed to be ‹ 0.05. Containing over 100 clusters with z > 0.6, the catalogue contributes substantially to the current total of optically-selected, intermediate-redshift clusters, and complements the existing, usually X-ray selected, samples. The FSVS fields are accessible for observation throughout the whole year making them particularly suited for large follow-up programmes.

The catalogue can be searched interactively, allowing to view the colour-magnitude diagram, contour map and object list for any cluster or group of interest.

On-line Catalogue

For download of the catalogue for more extensive investigations, the format of space separated values may be more convenient.

Space Separated Values

More details about the FSVS data, cluster detection algorithm and properties of the cluster sample can be found in Söchting, Huber, Clowes & Howell 2006. The original images and object catalogues used to compile this catalogue of galaxy groups and clusters can be accessed through Faint Sky Variability Survey home page.