The Science Case for a European
Extremely Large Telescope

The document below is the near-final version 1 of the full science case, which is now being printed. Some format changes and small corrections have been made at the printing stage. The final files will appear here when ready.

1. Executive Summary [WORD] [PDF] [HTML] 25 Apr 05
2. Introduction [WORD] [PDF] [HTML] 25 Apr 05
3. Planets and Stars [WORD] [PDF] [HTML] 29 Apr 05
4. Stars and Galaxies [WORD] [PDF] [HTML] 28 Apr 05
5. Galaxies and Cosmology [WORD] [PDF] [HTML] 27 Apr 05
Annex A. Summary of the Dependence
of the science cases on telescope aperture
[WORD] [PDF] [HTML] 26 Apr 05
Annex B. New Scientific Opportunities
in the ELT Era
[WORD] [PDF] [HTML] 27 Apr 05
Credits [WORD] [PDF] [HTML] 26 Apr 05

Note that the HTML versions are included for easy browsing - however the translation from WORD is not perfect and some formatting has been lost.

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Isobel Hook,
08 Jun 2005.