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About Me ;)

   I am a D. Phil. (PhD) student at The University of Oxford in Astrophysics department and am currently in the final year of my D.Phil. I am working on Telescope optimization and advance statistical methods in cosmology. Coming from Theoretical Physics (BA) and Bioinformatics (M.Sc.) background, I was working on Galaxy classification (by means of neural networks) and Intuitive Decision Making (modelling the intuition). My field of interest is scientific programming, Bayesian statistics and neural networks applications in Cosmology.

    To promote cosmology, and to help general public to understand it I am working on an educational project “iCosmos” which eventually will become a fun COSMOLOGY portal helping new students and public to understand cosmology.
Currently iCosmos.co.uk is working only as a cosmology calculator, and is able to generate graphs for your own choice of parameters. We support following cosmological measures Comoving Distance, Angular Diameter Distance, Luminosity Distance, Comoving Volume, Age of The Universe and Perturbation Growth Factor. If you are interested in working on the project please contact me, I’ll always find some work for you ;)

   I would like to thank my supervisors Roberto Trotta and Joseph Silk for their support and understanding, and for being there for me.
   I would also like to express my gratitude to Professor Roger Davies who has helped me in every aspect of my life in Oxford.

Educational Projects :)

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