TReCS spectra of nearby active galaxies.


In May 2004,  8-13um spectra of a small number of bright nearby AGN were obtained with TReCS on Gemini-S.  These data have been published in papers describing the spatially resolved structure of Circinus (Roche et al 2006a: MNRAS 367, 1689) and the silicate profile in other nearby galaxies with spectra of NGC 5506, NGC 3094 and NGC 7172 (Roche et al 2006b: astro-ph/0610583).  The text files of the individual spectra can be downloaded below.  See the above papers for details of the instrument set-up and plots of the spectra.


The text files have 4 columns:

1.  Wavelength (in microns), 

2.  Flux Fl in (10-20 Wcm-2),

3.  estimated error (derived from the scatter in the points),

4.  best fit using black body emission and silicate absorption (+PAH emission in the outer regions of Circinus)



                   Circinus Galaxy

 PA 10 degrees                        PA 100 degrees

Cir 2.1N                                  Cir 2.1W

Cir 1.6N                                  Cir 1.6W

Cir 1.1N                                  Cir 1.1W

Cir 0.8N                                  Cir 0.8W

Cir 0.54N                                Cir 0.54W

Cir 0.27N                                Cir 0.27W

Cir nucleus                              Cir nucleus

Cir 0.27S                                 Cir 0.27E

Cir 0.54S                                 Cir 0.54E

Cir 0.8S                                   Cir 0.8E

Cir 1.1S                                   Cir 1.1E

Cir 1.6S                                   Cir 1.6E

Cir 2.1S                                   Cir 2.1E



NGC 5506  PA 0 degrees:


N5506 0.6N

N5506 0.3N

N5506 nucleus

N5506 0.3S

N5506 0.6S


NGC 7172

NGC 3094