Dr Philipp Podsiadlowski

(Stellar Astrophysics, Oxford)

2016: The first direct detection of gravitational waves with Advanced LIGO (aLIGO) [Press Release]

A new route towards merging massive black holes or understanding the aLIGO detections (paper, press releases: Oxford, Bonn, background information)

SN 1987A: Sterne und Weltraum (July/August 2012, by Chris Wolf, in German: Part 1, Part 2)

2012:  PTF 11kx: A Type Ia Supernova with a Symbiotic Nova Progenitor  (Movie: A Symbiotic Binary [Courtesy: Romano Corradi])

2011:  Two populations of X-ray pulsars produced by two types of supernova (Astro Blog)

2011: The Most Distant Explosion in the Universe: A Gamma-Ray Burst at a Redshift of 9.4
(press release, paper)


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