Stellar Coffee


On Wednesdays from 10.30 am to 11.30 am (usually), people interested in stellar astrophysics meet occasionally for coffee in one of the seminar rooms (Beecroft, Conference Room, 501, Fisher Room) to talk about recent discoveries, ideas, conferences and listen to informal talks. If you would like to be put on the email circulation list, please contact Philipp Podsiadlowski (

  Previous Meetings (up to February 2008):

February 22 (!), Beecroft, 10.30 am, Reba Bandyopadhyay, "Hunting for Buried Treasure: IR and X-ray Observations of the Galactic Centre"

February 27, Stefan Geier, Beecroft, 10.30 am, "The Dark Side Exposed - Massive Compact Companions in Hot Subdwarf Binaries"

February 29 (!), Fisher Room (!), 10.00 am (!), Francesca Matteucci, "The Supernova - Gamma-Ray Burst Connection"

March 5, Beecroft, 10.30 am, Fraser Clarke, "SWIFT: Iz-band AO-assisted integral-field spectroscopy with the Palomar 200-inch telescope"

March 12, Beecroft, 10.30 am, Alexia Schulz, "Galaxy Cluster Mergers"

Previous Meetings:

February 13, 2008, Klaas Wiersema, "Long GRB host galaxies in absorption and emission: towards constraints on GRB progenitor stars"

February 6, 2008, Stephen Justham, "Discussion: The Physics of Shock Breakout in a Type II Supernova"

January 30, 2008, Mark Sullivan, "Discussion: Understanding SN Ia Progenitors through Galaxy Surveys"

January 23, 2008, Alan Penny, "Polaris varies more than you think"

January 16, 2008, Simon Jeffery, "The Origin of Hydrogen-Deficient Stars"

January 9, 2007, Stephen Justham, "Astro-ph over Christmas"

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