I'm a postdoc researcher at the University of Oxford's Astrophysics department and a member of St John's college. Astrophysics is my subject and I think that the world would be a much better place if everyone knew a little bit more about our Universe.

My Ph.D. thesis is about really interesting astronomical objects called Microquasars. These are binary systems where one of the stars is already dead and became either a black-hole or a neutron star. I focus on the study of one very intriguing microquasar: SS433. Good stuff. Also, microquasars are cool and extreme because they experience nature's ultimate way of transforming energy: Accretion onto a black hole. I am working along with Prof. Katherine Blundell and Paul Goodall. Also, I like watching cartoons, a lot.

I was born before dawn in a cold dark room of a hospital south of Santiago, Chile, on September 18, 1983 -the year of Chandrasekhar's Nobel for his study of white dwarfs, Metallica's first album and Michael Jackson's moonwalk! 22 years later I received a bachelor degree in Astrophysics at Universidad de Chile. In November 2009 I got my doctorate.

I love music.

My DPhil thesis was submitted on Friday, 16th October 2009. Here a brief synopsis:

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