Hitchhikers Guide to Astrophysics

  • [27/11/08? BIPAC] On the direct imaging of Exoplanets by Seba [pdf]

  • [27/11/08? BIPAC] Constraining the Primordial Power Spectrum with Clusters Survey by Teera

  • [10/11/08 BIPAC] SWIFT Extravaganza by Lisa

  • [23/10/08 BIPAC] Investigating AGN Feedback with Integral Field Spectroscopy by Cristina

  • [11/09/08 BIPAC] Spurs, Hats and Jets - the Outer Nebula of SN 1987A by Ben Fitzpatrick

  • [21/08/08 BIPAC] Searching for evolution in Type Ia Supernovae by Emma Walker

  • [21/08/08 BIPAC] Observations of the SZ with CBI2 by James Allison + Oliver talking about the C-BASS experiment

  • [02/06/08 Fisher Room] Hydrodynamic simulations of the Coolest Object in the Universe - Lord Spankus Goodall von Liverpool

  • [12/05/08 BIPAC] Scaling relations of low-redshift galaxy clusters at X-ray wavelengths by James Allison [pdf]

    • James' reference:
      "Scaling relations and mass callibration of the X-ray luminous galaxy clusters at redshift 0.2: XMM-Newton observations" Y. Y. Zhang et al. 2007

  • [02/05/08 Fisher Room] Methods of Galactic Modelling and the Structure of the Milky Way - Ben

  • [23/04/08 Fisher Room] Omega Centauri - A 2000 year long search for identity - Oliver

  • [10/04/08 BIPAC] NAM 2008 Highlights - Oliver and Seba

  • [13/03/08 BIPAC] Galaxy LF to z=1 from DEEP2 and COMBO-17: Implications for Red Galaxy Formation - Lisa

  • [06/12/07 BIPAC] ISM in Early-type Galaxies - Alison [pdf]
    Mainly about the origin of the cool ISM in E/S0 galaxies.

  • [27/11/07 Fisher Room] Extinction and Nebular conditions in Microquasars - Seba [pdf]

    The basic theory of gaseous nebulae (low-density) can be found in Osterbrock & Ferland (2005)

  • [12/11/07 BIPAC] Interstellar Dust and Extinction - Mike [pdf]

    The basic outline will be taken from:
  • [01/11/07 Conference Room] Formation of Stars and Binary Systems - Seba [pdf]

    • The comprehensive review of Frank Shu et al. 1987 about formation of stars.
    • A revisited review by Joel Tohline 2002
    • And some pretty fancy simulations carried out by Matthew Bate (Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 336, 705-713 2002)

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