C1 Lectures


Major Option C1 Astrophysics: Syllabus 2021/22

Radiative processes in astrophysics – radiative transfer theory; formation and analysis of emission and absorption lines; ionisation balance; cosmic dust and extinction. Application to planetary nebulae, stars, the interstellar and the intergalactic medium.

High-energy astrophysics – accretion onto compact objects; the Eddington limit; black holes, active galaxies, compact binaries and relativistic jets. Physics of interactions between high-energy particles and radiation (synchrotron, inverse-Compton, thermal bremsstrahlung); acceleration of particles to ultra-high energies.

Advanced stellar astrophysics and galaxies – Star formation and evolution. Composite stellar populations in galaxies. The Milky Way and other galaxies: properties, formation and evolution.

Cosmology – current cosmological models; anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background; large scale structure; gravitational lensing.

There are 4 lecture courses in C1:

Michaelmas Term:
1. Cosmology [Lectures 1-9] (Notes)
Lectures given by Prof. Julien Devriendt
2. Advanced Stellar Astrophysics and Galaxies [Lectures 10-19] (Notes)
Lectures given by Prof. Michele Cappellari

Hilary Term:
2. (continued) Advanced Stellar Astrophysics and Galaxies [Lectures 20-21]
Lectures given by Prof. Michele Cappellari
3. Radiative Processes [Lectures 22-31] (Notes)
Lectures given by Prof. David Alonso
4. High Energy Astrophysics [Lectures 32-39] (Notes)
Lectures given by Prof Aris Karastergiou