Simulations 101 redux

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Simulations 101 redux

Logged on 03/02/13 21:15:50

Here we'll just re-do our initial sim for a comparison. I'll rush through this here so revisit the relevant Purr log if you want the details.

It's basically:

1) load

2) find your in the compile time options

3) point your Tigger LSM file option to sumss_dec-74_field.lsm.html

4) make sure everything else is unchecked

5) write to the CORRECTED_DATA column during run-time

Products are below, along with the MS and sky model in case you misplaced it them. If you image corrected data you'll see what we had before, the scattering of sources with their associated sidelobes, and the dominant source towards the north west.

The image below is 1024 pixels covering 180 arcminutes.

Data products


sumss_dec-74_field.lsm.html (header)

data range:-0.223163,1.85776
clip range:-0.131716,0.116206