Make an image of your beam attenuated simulation

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Make an image of your beam attenuated simulation

Logged on 03/02/13 22:17:47

Once the simulation has finished it's time to make an image. Click 'TDL Exec' and expand the 'Imaging Options' submenu.

Make sure the 'Image type or column' points to MODEL_DATA and make a dirty image over an appropriate sky area. It should remember what we had from the CORRECTED_DATA run: 1024 pixels over 180 arcminutes. Make sure these are the same as that will be required for the next section.

The effects of the primary beam should be obvious from a quick look at the image. Our once proud dominant source in the north west is now pushed down into the sidelobes of the now dominant central source. The central source remains unattenuated as the beam gain here is unity.

Again, you are encouraged to play around with the deconvolution options.

Data products (header)

data range:-0.120502,1.09474
clip range:-0.0623512,0.0681924