The plan

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The plan

Logged on 12/02/13 14:22:02

The point of this simulation is to get a feel for the effects that the primary beam has not only on the brightness of sources in the field (as per the 'beam me up' simulation) but also how it affects their frequency behaviour.

We want to therefore simulate the intrinsic properties of the source, then simulate the apparent properties and contrast the two.

As always, there are numerous ways to approach a problem. I'm not saying the following method is the best one but it does the trick.

1) We're going to simulate the instrinsic and apparent properties for the lowest frequency by hand, that is by doing what we've been doing so far and clicking buttons in the Meqbrowser.

2) To do the same thing for all frequencies, i.e. opening each of the Measurement Sets, finding the beam patterns, clicking the 'make image' button etc. isn't exactly a big job, but that's because we've only got six channels and seven antennas. So we're going to take the by-hand operation and script it using the excellent batch mode operation that MeqTrees offers.

3) Once that's done, we want to plot the spectrum of each source by measuring the brightnesses in the maps. Again this could be done by hand, but scripting it makes life a lot sweeter.