Simulating our intrinsic sky

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Simulating our intrinsic sky

Logged on 12/02/13 22:29:42

The first thing we're going to do is simulate the intrinsic sky so you can see the layout of the sources. Hopefully opening the meqbrowser, connecting to a server and loading up should be a familiar process by now!

Once you're there, we need to select a Measurement Set. Let's start at the lower edge. Point the MS field to, expand the 'Sky Model' section, check "Use 'TiggerSkyModel' module" and point the 'Tigger LSM file' field to beam_freq.lsm.html. Everything else is left unchecked.

Click 'Compile'. Open a bookmark if you feel like it (always useful when a simulation is this fast just to check that it's actually calculated something), and click '1 simulate MS' to write the data to the CORRECTED_DATA column.

Once this has finished, click 'TDL Exec' again and make a clean image with a few hundred components. When we compare the intrinsic vs apparent spectra in the sections that follow we'll want to use deconvolved images.

Have a think about why a dirty image won't be suitable, before this gets explained later on in this PURR log. In the mean time you might want to rename the restored image to something other than the default. We have to make cleaned images, which means we have to use the CORRECTED data column, which means that when we image the simulation in the next section this will get written over. (We'll address this issue when we automate the other frequency channels shortly.)

Finally, and this bit is important, bring up the 'TDL Exec' window and click the save button at the lower edge. Click 'new profile' and give it the name 'source_colourization_intrinsic'. This will write your simulation and imaging parameters to tdlconf.profiles under the heading you have specified.

A standalone .tdl.conf file for this simulation is attached below. You should also be able to see the loose spiral pattern that I gave the sources in the FITS file rendering.

Data products


Screenshot-TDL Compile-time Options-3.png


Screenshot-TDL Jobs & Runtime Options-1.png (header)

data range:-0.0345508,0.95367
clip range:-0.0123545,0.0127371