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Binary files, pictures for example, are best sent to me using anonymous FTP, rather than e-mail.
To login to my FTP server, type (in your operating system shell):

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ftp ftp-astro-incoming.physics.ox.ac.uk
user anonymous 'your email address'
cd /pub/incoming/
(It may not be necessary to type the line beginning "user...")

If your Browser supports anonymous FTP, you may be able to send it to me by clicking FTP to login to my FTP server, then:
click pub
click incoming
click FILE on the menu bar at the top,
enter the name of the file you want to send me and click OK.

Either way, please then notify me that you have sent something by FTP, so I know to look in my ftp directory.

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To get (download) a file from my anonymous FTP server
login by clicking FTP, then:
click pub
click users
click sames
click on the file you want to download.
Or (maybe)

ftp ftp-astro.physics.ox.ac.uk.
user anonymous 'your email address'
cd pub/users/sames/
(It may not be necessary to type the line beginning "user...")


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Seasonal Topical Greetings for my Visitors

Astronomical observations are used to define a calendar, mark the seasons and determine holidays. Until very recently our best clock was indeed that presented by celestial motions.

Brush up on astronomical timekeeping.

Aphelion happens to coïncide with an unrelated human celebration.

Liberty Bell fireworks Independance Hall

Happy Birthday America!

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. . . In times of crisis and
emotion, we must be vigilant
that those in power do not
lose sight of the principles
embodied in the documents
linked to above.
Let the eye of vigilance never be closed.
-- Thomas Jefferson