The VISTA Deep Extragalactic Observations (VIDEO) Survey

PI: Dr Matt Jarvis (University of Oxford)


VIDEO data access

Deep stacked data has been periodically released to the ESO community via the ESO Phase 3 archive.

The final data release at the end of October 2019 will include all observations in all fields.

VIDEO consortium members (or potential members) should contact Matt Jarvis ( and/or Boris Häussler ( to obtain the password for access to unreleased data, and the following value-added data products:

  1. Stacks from the all tiles in VIDEO resolution

  2. Stacks from XMM3, which have been sampled on the same grid as the CFHTLS D1 deep optical field.

  3. Matched-aperture catalogues, including ZYJHKs bands for the VIDEO tiles, plus ugriz for the area overlapping CFHTLS D1.

  4. Photometric redshifts as described in Jarvis et al (2012).

  5. multiple PSFs for each field, e.g. for profile fitting purposes

  6. colour jpegs, including zoomify packages.


Survey status

The last VIDEO data has been observed on Sept 11, 2018.

The final data reduction has been prepared since and has been finished in September 2019.

For more information, see the VIDEO survey paper.