The VISTA Deep Extragalactic Observations (VIDEO) Survey

PI: Dr Matt Jarvis (University of Oxford)


The VIDEO Publications

Most importantly: The VIDEO survey paper on ADS.

The following publications are based (in whole or in part) on VIDEO data:

  1. Zwart J.T.L. et al., 2014, “The star formation history of mass-selected galaxies from the VIDEO survey”, MNRAS, 439, 1459 [ADS].

  2. Karouzos M., Jarvis M.J., Bonfield D.G., 2014, “Mergers as triggers for nuclear activity: a near-IR study of the close environment of AGN in the VISTA-VIDEO survey”, MNRAS, 439, 861 [ADS].

  3. Lindsay S.N., Jarvis M.J., Bonfield D.G., 2014, ”Evolution in the bias of faint radio sources to z ~ 2.2”, MNRAS in press

  4. Jarvis M. J., et al., 2013, “The VISTA Deep Extragalactic Observations (VIDEO) Survey”, ESO Messenger, 154, 26 [ADS].

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