Galaxy Evolution Seminars

University of Oxford

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Aim of the talk series

The Galaxy Evolution Seminars take place once a week, currently Thursdays at 11:30 in the Beecroft Room of the Denys Wilkinson Building. They aim to foster exchange amongst local people interested in galaxy evolution at both low and high redshift. As opposed to the colloquia, which are held in the main auditorium for the whole department, these talks are rather informal, with a subgroup of expert people in a smaller room. Introductory material and reviews are welcome, but the talks are also a good place to present ongoing or controversial results and receive feedback. As such, the talks should typically contain 40 minutes of material, but they are scheduled for an hour to allow plenty of interaction, questions, and discussion.

We are always on the look-out for new people, so if you would like to talk do not hesitate to contact us. We do have a small budget to support travel and accomodation of outside speakers.

Michele Cappellari, Ryan Houghton Aprajita Verma and Stephen Wilkins

Schedule: Trinity (Spring) Term 2012

Previous terms: Trinity 2010, Hilary 2010, Michaelmas 2009, Trinity 2009, Hilary 2009, Michaelmas 2008, Trinity 2008, Hilary 2008, Michaelmas 2007, Trinity 2007, Hilary 2007, Michaelmas 2006

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Thursday 12 April 2012
(Beecroft 11:30am)
Lucasz Stawarz (ISAS Japan) On radio-loudness of active galaxies: the spin paradigm in the cosmological context
Thursday 26 April 2012
(Beecroft 11:30am)
Aaron Romanowsky (Santa Cruz) The Assembly of Galaxy Haloes: Chemo-dynamics Beyond the Local Group
Thursday 3 May 2012
(Beecroft 11:30am)
Thursday 10 May 2012
(Beecroft 11:30am)
Thursday 17 May 2012
(Beecroft 11:30am)
Thursday 24 May 2012
(Beecroft 11:30am)
Vassilis Charmandaris (University of Crete) Galaxy evolution in compact groups: the complete Sloan, GALEX, and WISE sample
Thursday 31 May 2012
(Beecroft 11:30am)
Martin Hardcastle (Hertfordshire) What have radio galaxies ever done for us?
Thursday 7 June 2012
(Beecroft 11:30am)
Wetton Workshop
Thursday 14 June 2012
(Beecroft 11:30am)
Graeme Addison (Oxford) Fluctuations in the Cosmic Infrared Background
Thursday 21 June 2012
(Beecroft 12:00am)
Michele Trenti (Cambridge) The Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies Survey: observations meet theory